Camarillo girl honored for saving mom's life

Faith Corral called 9-1-1 during life-threatening emergency

Camarillo, Calif. - Faith Corral wondered why her mother wanted her to wear a new dress to school Thursday.  She soon found out.  Corral was surprised by firefighters and other first-responders during an assembly at Tierra Linda Elementary school in Camarillo.

Classmates cheered as the second grader was called up to the front of the room to be recognized for saving her mother's life by calling 9-1-1.

But that's not all she did to help her mom.

Corral and her mother are both Type 1 diabetics.  On Sunday March 17,  she checked on her resting mother and found her sweating and acting strangely.  Corral filled a syringe with glucose, gave her mother a shot in the hip and called 9-1-1 on her mother's new iphone.

Her mother, Jeannette Figueroa, said she had just taught Faith how to call 9-1-1 the week before.

Ventura County firefighters gave the 8-year-old a Build-A-Bear, star bear, and a representative from Supervisor Kathy Long's office gave her a certificate of recognition.

After the ceremony, Corral said "It was awesome because I felt really appreciated, really appreciated that I saved my mom's life."

Firefighters are hoping parents will teach their children how to dial  9-1-1 and talk to dispatchers on land lines and cell phones.

They say the recognition comes just in time for National EMS (emergency medical services) Week, May 19-25.

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