Breastfeeding Bungle Leads to "Nurse-In"

One mother's experience at popular store sparks public breastfeeding protest

Breastfeeding Bungle Leads to Nurse-In

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Shoppers walking along State Street by the Anthropologie store in Santa Barbara were surprised to learn about what's being called "Nipplegate" online.

It all began at a branch of the store in Beverly Hills.  The mother of a 6-week-old boy said she was escorted to a stock room bathroom to finish breastfeeding by a female store manager. The next day more than 100 moms held a "Nurse-In" at the store. It's like a sit-in with mothers breastfeeding their babies.

The general manager of the company has since apologized and said the interaction would be used as a learning tool.

Under California law, businesses are not allowed to prohibit breastfeeding or relegate nursing moms to restrooms.

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