Anti-Abortion Demonstrators Accuse Professor of Breaking Law

Activists claim professor stole sign, scratched a teen activist

Anti-Abortion Demonstrators Accuse Professor Of Breaking Law

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Members of an anti-abortion ministry, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, are accusing a women's studies professor and her UCSB students of stealing a 4'-by-5' foot poster of a fetus.

When they were using anti-abortion images while protesting on the UCSB campus last Tuesday, they said Dr. Mireille Miller-Young encouraged students to tear down the sign depicting a fetus.

Ministry spokesperson Kristina Garza said a Ventura teen was scratched as she took a video on her cell phone of the students taking the sign into an elevator.

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust members said they should be allowed to show graphic anti-abortion images in a free speech area on campus if the professor is allowed to show pornographic images of women from a book she wrote in class.

Dr. Miller-Young could not be reached Friday for comment. Her students said she is pregnant and needed medical care to deal with stress following the accusations.

UCSB and Santa Barbara County's District Attorney are aware of the case, but a decision on whether to file charges has not been made.

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