Abel Maldonado's next political move

Santa Maria native may run for governor

Maldonado's next political move


There is a good chance that former lieutenant governor and Santa Maria native, Abel Maldonado, will run for governor of California.

On November 4, 2014, Californian's will decide who they want to be their governor. "We filled a committee on Thursday and you don't have to announce at that time but believe me, Abel is in this to win this and barring any unforeseen circumstances I think he is running for governor," said Maldonado's media strategist, Fred Davis.

People who have worked with Maldonado in the past said if he runs, he would have a good chance of winning. "I think Abel understands business. He is a business owner. He understands that the regulations are choking and killing our tax-making machine that we have out there which is the local business owners," said political treasurer Trent Benedetti.

We are still a long way away from November 2014, but the Maldonado camp is confident in its chances.  

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