The Santa Barbara Police Department shared a "Catch a Burglar" Facebook post on Monday.

The department uploaded surveillance video from a July 30 burglary.

The burglary happened on a Saturday afternoon in an unattended reception area of the Santa Barbara News-Press.

Reporters were in the newsroom upstairs, but did not notice any intruders.

The video shows a woman waiting behind while a man nonchalantly walks out the front door with a computer monitor and more.

Santa Barbara Police detective Andy Hill said, "We are looking for the public's help."

Officers hope to catch the man who may be linked to a similar crime at Tre Lune restaurant on Coast Village Road at 12:40 p.m. Aug. 3.

Surveillance video shows a man who entered an unlocked door taking a wallet out of an employee's purse.

Chris Chayra, a longtime resident, said, "I've lived here a long time, at some point you had to start locking doors and windows. It is a small town, a nice town, but there are not always nice people here."

Police want people to remember crimes of opportunity can be prevented by locking up and keeping and eye out for suspicious activity.

Investigators hope someone will recognize the people in the video and give them a call at (805)897-2327 or

Calls may also be anonymous at (805)897-2386