Biracial teen changes name after racist bullying

Keisha now goes by 'Kylie'

POSTED: 12:08 PM PST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 07:58 AM PST Nov 07, 2013 
Locker in school hallway

A biracial teen has made the decision to change her name because of racist bullying.

Formerly Keisha and now Kylie Austin of Kansas City, Mo., says that classmates would ask her mockingly if there was a "La" or a "Sha" in front of her name, reports the Kansas City Star. Her name's pop cultural usage only made it worse for her in high school. Kylie remembered an instance in which a teacher asked her if her name contained a dollar sign, like the pop star Ke$ha's.

Ultimately, Kylie didn't like the associations and negative stereotypes her name carried and decided to legally change it, a decision supported by her mother.