Big Sur landslide another blow for area businesses

Mud Creek slide closes Highway 1 indefinitely

Big Sur landslide another blow for...

RAGGED POINT, Calif. - The Mud Creek landslide along the Big Sur Coast that's closed Highway 1 in both directions north of Ragged Point is adding to what was already a very challenging time for businesses that rely on visitors to the area.

The massive landslide comes just before the Memorial Day holiday weekend and the start of the busy summer tourism season.

"You just heard a loud roar, and we didn't know what it was until Caltrans came and told us the whole Mud Creek mountain came down" says Ragged Point Inn and Resort manager Rori Cosma about the landslide last weekend, "we have a serious problem, before the big problem was the Pfeiffer Bridge (under construction) now everyone is saying the hard part is the Mud Creek mountain, they (Caltrans) have got to go  back to the drawing board and figure out what they're going to do, leaving all the businesses up there cut off, and the residents."

Caltrans says its too early to know when Highway 1 will reopen to traffic in the area.

"A third of the mountain just went down", says Susana Cruz with Caltrans, "its created a new shoreline, and its millions of cubic yards, that just went down."

Caltrans plans to break down a temporary Highway 1 closure at Ragged Point and establish a hard-closure about ten miles north right before the Mud Creek slide.

"It came as a surprise that this is as far as we can go right now", says disappointed visitor Dawn Ritz who is among those who came to the Big Sur area for the long holiday weekend", "this is a very pure part of California that is an opportunity to really get in touch with the basics of life."

Rori Cosma says Ragged Point Inn and Resort is open for business even if its only for visitors coming from the south.

"The numbers are going to be down no matter what", Cosma says, "people just aren't coming to the area at all knowing that they cannot access this iconic highway."

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