Big changes coming to cannabis industry January 1st

Hear from a local medicinal delivery service owner

Big changes coming to cannabis...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - For a business that's only been running for two months, Shawn Bean has quickly built up a base of medicinal marijuana customers.

His delivery service, The Source, currently operates in unincorporated San Luis Obispo County.

"So we came in early, tried to establish some credibility and [we] try to provide really good service. January 1st or whenever everybody gets licensed to sell recreationally, we hope to have some good market shares," Bean said. 

No matter if you're a small business like The Source or a larger collective, Bean says the licensing process in 2018 will be the same. Local municipalities have to approve the license before you can get one from the state.

But battling for that brick and mortar space in SLO County is pretty competitive.

"[Bigger businesses] might have a slight advantage on some of the supplies and distribution markets but that's another thing that's getting turned on its head so hopefully there's room for everyone in the market and we can all find a good avenue," said Bean.

For businesses like Bean's that are in unincorporated parts of the county, it's up to the Board of Supervisors to decide how to regulate this industry.

For now, the supervisors have decided to only allow delivery services to continue, but Bean has his eye's set on a brick and mortar store.

"I would love to have a brick and mortar store where I can provide safer service to people. The delivery model is great and I'm happy that they allow us to do this and I look forward to the changes but there is a safety concern sometimes. Cannabis is a cash business right now. The federal government still has it as a schedule one drug so banking is extremely tough; so that means that the delivery driver may have a large amount of cash on them and there en-lies a large safety concern," Bean explains. 

He hopes the community will come around to the idea of having dispensaries, telling us: "We are members of the community. We have families and we just want to be compliant and we want to keep everybody safe as well."

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