Beached whale dies after washing up on shore

Beached whale dies after washing up...

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - A beached Gray Whale calf has washed up on shore about a mile south of the Pismo Beach pier.

Park Rangers say the whale, estimated to be about 15 feet long appears to be the size of a baby whale.

"As I was walking up in kind of felt like I was going to a funeral to pay respects to a great man, or a great beast," onlooker Kelley Williams said.

It was a meloncholy experience for Kelley Williams - and dozens of other people who came by to see this 2-ton beached whale. 

"It's very sad, it's very tragic but it's also nature, it's the cycle of life," onlooker Ashley Howie said.

They say they first got word of the animal washing on shore at about 7 o'clock Tuesday morning. By Noon park rangers say it had passed away.

"Too bad but I guess the storm must have washed it up," onlooker Steve Snyder said.

The whale may have washed up during the high tide this morning. It weighs about 2 tons.

A veterinarian has been called to check it out. Park rangers say it is pretty unusual because Gray Whales are normally not found in the area and typically stay around Baja Mexico during this time of the year.

It is unclear if the whale was sick, there were no obvious injuries according to park rangers.

It is also unknown if the calf got lost from his or her mother, but, that could be a reason why the whale ended up on the beach. 

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