Atascadero family packs up home before the next rain storm

Home in danger of falling off into the creek

ATASCADERO, Calif. - "I've had this 75 year-old newspaper," says John Shaydak as he packs up his car to the rim. 

One by one, he packs up his memories, it's all that is left.

His house, his belongings, everything he and his wife built together over the last 40 years is now in his car's trunk.

"This is my wife's oxygen and our medications. This is basically everything you need in a trunk? Oh, yeah" he says. 

Holding back tears and overcome with emotion, Shaydak remembers happier times.

"I've raised all of my grandchildren and they said they liked going to grandma and grandpa's house because it was like camping," he says.

Their house sits just above the Atascadero Creek and was deemed unsafe. Now, their only choice is to pack up and get out.

On Thursday, Shaydak stood watching volunteers empty out his house, piece by piece removing everything important to him.

Cracks lead to his shed and the edge of his home. They are a very real reminder the foundation here could soon collapse.

"It's about a what 40 foot drop to the water it's been undercut so we can't get too close," says Charles White, his grandson. 

Shaydak says he's been in contact with the city for help. However, they've only been giving him the run around.

"They're all too busy telling me to call someone else, to call this person or that person," he says.

We reached out to city officials who say everything possible is being done for the family.

The house sits on land owned by the Astascadero Land Preservation Society. 

In a statement they say, "It is our understanding that the homeowner is responsible for any impacts to their property by the creek flow. We will cooperate with efforts to protect their home and to shore up the creek bank."

A go-fund-me page has been started for the family. 


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