Arroyo Grande High School just received a $10 thousand dollar grant from PG&E to help students with careers after graduating.  

Justin Danilewicz is getting ready to graduate this year and when it comes to choosing a career it can be tricky. "You change your mind 50 times before you graduate," said Danilewicz, a senior.

Danilewicz is in the green construction technology pathway. A program designed to help students try out different career paths before graduating. Danilewicz says it has given him a lot to think about. "My plans after high school are to go into the field of nursing and the construction pathways program here has shown me this may possibly be a choice for me," said Danilewicz.

In the program students engage in hands on learning in specific fields. "We have some insulation labs, we have solar labs, we have wind turbine labs, so we are trying to focus on what’s coming as far as construction instead of what’s always been in place," said Brad Tachemann, a teacher.

The program uses new technologies so students can stay competitive. "These are the kind of skilled jobs that are really head of household jobs, electricians, welders, people that have that kind of skill trade," said Pat Mullen of PG&E. "Nationally there are over 3 million jobs that go unfilled because students or candidates don't have the skills."

If students like Danilewicz chose a different path they still take something with them. "It makes me a little more handy because I know how to do simple tasks around the house," said Danilewicz.  

The pathway program is a new requirement. There are over 13 different paths for students to choose.