Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl has been freed after nearly five years as a prisoner of the Taliban.

Bergdahl's parents and grandparents have close ties to the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara.

Jani Larson Bergdahl and Bob Bergdahl reportedly grew up in Solvang and moved to Idaho several years ago.

Bergdahl's grandfather, Craig Larson owned the San Roque Pet Hospital in Santa Barbara for about a decade before Doctor Dave Dawson took over.

Dawson says he kept in close contact with Bergdahl's grandmother Carolyn, after Larson passed away.

Dawson and his staff have been wearing stickers and wristbands in honor of Bergdahl's plight.

Dawson said, "I purchased the wristbands and stickers a few months back. I couldn't believe the story was still unresolved and he was still a prisoner of war."

He said, "I know they are a very tight family and I know how hard this has been on them."

Now, that Bergdahl is about to be reunited with his family, Dawson says he will continue to support them and all members of the military in any way he can.

Dawson said, "I have a family with a big military background. I have a cousin that is a Navy Seal and a grandfather who is an Admiral. Its just been a pet project of mine to make sure people are aware of the kind of sacrifices being made by our military."