OXNARD, Calif. -

A shootout between Oxnard police and an armed homeless woman left the woman hospitalized at Ventura County Medical Center.

It happened Wednesday afternoon in Del Sol Park on Camino Del Sol in the La Colonia neighborhood of Oxnard, just before 12:30 p.m. Police investigators are trying to determine who fired the first shot and would not say how many times the woman was hit.

As many as thirty-six police officers responded within minutes, cordoning off the crime scene and a stroller left in the middle of it.

A police spokesperson confirmed to NewsChannel 3 that the woman was suicidal and armed with a gun. The stroller was used to haul her belongings.

None of the officers were hurt.

Slideshow: Armed Woman Injured During Shootout With Police

POSTED: 03:02 PM PST Feb 05, 2014 
Shots Fired In Del Sol Park

A shootout between Oxnard police and an armed woman left the woman hospitalized. It is not yet known if she survived.

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