Amazon takes over Whole Foods with lower prices

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - If you haven't heard by now, Amazon bought out Whole Foods market and Monday was its first official day as owners.

The deal was worth 13.7 billon dollars and Amazon is looking to make big changes starting with the prices.

Many customers saw lower prices like Amazon promised once the deal went through. They slashed the prices as much as 43%.

Before the change the grocery store was known as "Whole Paycheck" due to their high prices for their orangic and healthy products. Amazon is now looking to make the store affordable for everyone.

“Probably not because I don’t want the big business buying out places like that even though it is cheaper,” said Katia Kanner, who stopped by the store for some fruit.

Other customers enjoyed the lower prices and look forward to returning.

“I probably will shop here a little bit more based on that. It’s a saving over time,” said Leigh Sodusda from Santa Barbara.
Amazon also plans to give its Amazon Prime Members extra savings in the future.


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