Alleged Cat Slayer Charged

Sheriff's Office Says Ex-Girlfriend Broke Into Home and Stabbed Cat

The woman who police say broke into her ex-boyfriend's home and then killed his cat has been charged with burglary and animal cruelty.

Nellie Palacio

nellie palacio's current boyfriend called 9-1-1 last thursday afternoon saying she entered an orcutt home...removed paintings from the wall...and then choked and stabbed a cat with a kitchen knife.

sheriff's deputies arrived to find out the home and cat belonged to palacio's ex-boyfriend.


kelly hoover, sb county sheriff pio

"nellie marie palacios who was arrested for animal cruelty and for burglary...she claimed that she was acting in self defense and that is why she stabbed the cat."

deputies found the cat dead inside a doghouse and the knife was hidden underneath.

palacios was supposed to plea to her charges today...but the judge said she had medical issues and could not appear in court.

her case has been moved to friday

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