ISLA VISTA, Calif. -

A new grant has been allocated to the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department to help control alcohol abuse in Isla Vista.

$50,000 came in from the Alcoholic Beverage Control.  It will pay for programs to curb minors buying alcohol illegally.    It will also be used for enforcement and education efforts related to alcohol abuse.

One student said despite the tough laws in place they are necessary.

"Students -  they are going to complain about police. You don't want kids to drink. They're just going to make mistakes.  You have to crack down on it," said Miguel Lopez a UC Santa Barbara Senior and Isla Vista Resident.

His friend Lorenzo Dela Rama said he has seen some tragedies due to alcohol.  "It's better safe than sorry. It's always better to have safeguards," he said.    Dela Rama pointed out the efforts in Isla Vista will also help in the greater Santa Barbara area.

The state funding for these programs began in 1995 to help local agencies with alcohol problems.  Chronic abusers will face still fines, and in the case of businesses, they could lose a special permit to sell alcohol.