The woman convicted of locking her adopted children in cages asked a judge to let her off probation and reduce the restitution she owes.

Judge Frank Ochoa denied the requests Monday.

Sylvia Vasquez was convicted of four felony counts of child endangerment in 2007.

The judge told Vasquez it is hard to imagine a more horrific case as far as children. 

A guardian for one of the children spoke to NewsChannel 3 after the judge made his decision.

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"They are still struggling.  She is doing a lot better.  She is still in therapy.  We're dealing with that all the time," said the woman who only wanted to be identified as Shelley.

Vasquez has about five years left of probation.  She still owes about $10,000 to the victims.

Vasquez could ask the judge to end her probation early again.