ISLA VISTA, Calif. -

Current residents and past tenants at an Isla Vista apartment building are mounting a list of complaints against the landlord.  They range from controversial evictions, to the lack of hot water.

The property owner Platler Capital Management has not returned our call for a comment.

A tenants union representative says 13 small claims cases could be filed for up to $10,000 each.  

A county ordinance requires landlords to offer compensation when a tenant is evicted for a construction project.  Whether that was the case or not is in dispute.

One current resident says there are issues with hot water and on many days there's a shortage.

They also say, after receiving permission to have a small dog, they have been given a notice to get rid of the pet or move out.

Isla Vista Apartment Complex

Tenants given three days to comply or be evicted.

Isla Vista Tenants say evictions were unfair

POSTED: 06:07 PM PST Feb 15, 2013 
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