Sit 'n Sleep opens in Santa Barbara

Mattress company uncovers newest location

POSTED: 07:07 PM PDT Apr 23, 2013    UPDATED: 07:21 PM PDT Apr 23, 2013 

Sit 'n Sleep has opened a new mattress store in Santa Barbara, the 30th in its chain throughout Southern California.

The new site is 314 Anacapa St. near the freeway.

"My job is to have people sleep properly.  Great restorative deep sleep," said CEO Larry Miller. "If you sleep well, you live well. It affects your job, it affects your children's relationships, it affects your wife and husband, it affects your ability as an athlete, as a student.  I know when I don't sleep well I don't do well at work."

Miller also says he has mattress choices for someone living in a one room apartment or a multi-room Montecito mansion.