Local showings of 'The Dark Knight Rises' will stay on schedule according to the president of Metropolitan Theatres Corporation. KEY News spoke with David Corwin by phone on Friday and he confirmed theater officials are working with local police and reviewing security procedures. Corwin called the massacre in Colorado "a tragic and isolated incident...unrelated to the film." The Los Angeles executive also stressed the importance of ensuring customers and staff that the theater is safe. Santa Barbara police spokesman Riley Harwood says officials don't believe our area is at high risk for a copy-cat attack. Shirin Rajaee will have more details tonight at 11pm. Share your comments about this story with us on the <a href="https://www.facebook.com/KEY3News" target="_blank"> KEY News Facebook page.</a> <a href=" https://twitter.com/KEY3News" target="_blank">Connect with KEY News on Twitter</a>