Santa Barbara police chief reflects on similar manhunts

Beth Farnsworth, KEYT NewsChannel 3 Anchor,
POSTED: 02:31 PM PST Feb 07, 2013    UPDATED: 10:35 AM PST Feb 08, 2013 

Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez told NewsChannel 3, "we're on alert like everyone else."

The chief said he perused the list of names targeted by alleged gunman Christopher Dorner and estimates there are dozens of names on the list. He claims to know half of them.

"It's a very, very emotional time. Unless you're in this business, you don't know what it's like to be out looking for someone who just killed someone you know in uniform," Sanchez explained. "It is a horrific, ugly, sickening feeling."

Chief Sanchez served 13 years with the Los Angeles police department, participated in several similar manhunts and said he knew Capt. Randy Quan personally.

Quan's daughter, Monica, was fatally shot last Sunday in Orange County, along with her fiance, Keith Lawrence.

"Captain Randy Quan will wake up every morning of his life not having his daughter because this guy decided to go after her and hurt (him) and his family for the rest of their lives.  How much more evil can that be?" Sanchez pondered.

Police say Dorner fired the fatal shots before targeting officers in Corona and Riverside overnight. Three were shot, one fatally.