Santa Barbara- A judge sentenced Santa Barbara man, Jonathan Cisneros, Thursday morning to six months in jail for molesting a 12-year-old girl last Spring. Cisneros along with two other men were arrested last year, all three in connection with the same victim. Police say suspicious emails between the minor and Cisneros, a neighborhood acquaintance, sparked the investigation. Deputy District Attorney Benjamin Ladinig says the 25-year-old Cisneros pleaded to two counts, a sexual based offense, and false imprisonment by force. He adds there was no sexual conduct or intercourse involved. But several aspects of the case, including doctor's reports, letters from the community, transcripts from nursing school, were in Cisneros's favor. Cisneros was a nursing student at Santa Barbara City College, had no prior criminal history and many in the community who knew him sent in letters vouching for him. Early on in the case he acknowledged responsibility and guilt, all factors that led to his sentencing At least one of the other two men have also been sentenced. Jose Hernandez Alecia was sentenced in September and deported. Cisneros begins his jail sentence the first week of April. KEY News Reporter Shirin Rajaee reports.