Panga boat discovered near Refugio State Beach

POSTED: 05:44 PM PDT Mar 17, 2013    UPDATED: 03:29 PM PDT Mar 18, 2013 
Panga Boat - File Image

Law enforcement officers are searching for drug smugglers who brought thousands of pounds of pot to the Central Coast.

A panga boat was discovered near Refugio State Beach on Sunday morning. 

Law enforcement officers say they found nearly three thousand pounds of marijuana near the boat.

I.C.E. Agents tell NewsChannel 3 they believe something scared off the smugglers. It seems they ran off before they were able to finish unloading the drugs.

They also say the amount of marijuana found on Sunday is nearly two times the amount of pot discovered at Vandenberg Air Force Base earlier this month. The smugglers also got away in that case.