GOLETA BEACH - Homeland Security agents are on their way to Goleta Beach to investigate the discovery of a panga boat. A county park employee discovered the boat along the shore. The 30 foot long, single engine boat was located early Friday morning around 5 am on the west end of the beach with the name ‘Alondra’ written on the side. Gas cans and plastic water bottles were found inside the boat along with duffel bags and life vests. There are no suspects in custody at this time. Authorities found food and clothing but did not find any evidence of drugs. Goleta Beach is open to visitors. Santa Barbara Sheriff spokesperson reports this is the first panga boat discovered in Santa Barbara County this year and the first found on Goleta Beach. Nearby clothing was found along the bike path and Highway 217 leading officials to believe those on the boat ran to the roadway and got a ride out of the area. Residents on the beach were shocked at the site and did not expect to see this type of boat at Goleta Beach or near UC Santa Barbara. The boat was towed out by Vessel Assist from Ventura County. A special tow rope was used to pull the panga from the sand and bring it down to the Santa Barbara harbor. There, it was put on a trailer and Vessel Assist brought it to a special yard for further investigation. Share your comments about this story with us on the <a href="https://www.facebook.com/KEY3News" target="_blank"> KEY News Facebook page.</a> <a href=" https://twitter.com/KEY3News" target="_blank">Connect with KEY News on Twitter</a>