Before Marsha McCook had her heart procedure, she lived in fear. "I didn't feel like I could go away from Santa Maria; I didn't want to go on vacation or go anywhere - you know if you're away from home and you can't explain what's wrong with you, that's very scary," McCook tells us.

McCook was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat, often called a-fib."When your heart is beating the way it's supposed to and the sinus rhythm - you don't know that you have a heart but when it's not, you feel every beat," she explains.

In an effort to get her off her heart medication, McCook's doctor recommended a new electrophysiology program at Marian Regional Medical Center to treat her disease more aggressively.

"There was a time when all you could do to recognize atrial fibrillation (a-fib) and just tell patients you could be on a blood thinner to prevent a stroke but there wasn't much else you could do to make them feel better. Now we have the tools available and the technology available to cure the disease," explains
Dr. Brett Gidney, Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Marian Regional.

The equipment might look scary, but the procedure is very easy on the body. "Everything is done with catheters that go through what are more or less glorified i.v.s so for most of these procedures there's no scalpel, there's no stitches," explains Dr. Gidney.

And now for Marsha McCook, there's no more worries about her heart. "It's a win win for me, I'm so glad I had it done," says McCook.