SB 661 makes protesting at funerals a misdemeanor crime. The law comes after groups of protesters showed up at funerals for homosexuals, military members and federal judges. SB 9 allows some prisoners convicted of murder when they were a minor to be eligible for parole after 25 years behind bars. SB 1458 puts less of an emphasis on standardized tests in public schools. Factors such as graduation rates and college-going rates will be used to calculate a school's academic performance index. AB 2189 allows undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as young children and have lead productive lives to get a driver's license. SB 1303 requires warning signs within 200 feet of red light cameras. SB 1298 allows testing of cars that drive themselves... as long as a human can intervene if something goes wrong. SB 900 and AB 278 prevent lenders from foreclosing on a home while at the same time talking with a homeowner about loan modifications. SB 1844 bans employers from asking workers or applicants for their user names and passwords to social media sites, such as Facebook. AB 137 requires health insurance companies to cover mammographies after a referral from a doctor. AB 1616 legalizes and sets standards for selling food products made in home kitchens. AB 1581 bans telemarketers from advertising that flower shops are local when they are not. SB 1219 extends a law that ensures you can drop off used plastic bags to be recycled at large retailers such as grocery stores. AB 1162 quadruples fines to $40,000 for poaching deer, elk, antelope or big horn sheep.