Local lawmakers present bill to close loophole in state rape law

Teaming up to change a controversial California law

POSTED: 08:01 AM PDT Mar 12, 2013    UPDATED: 12:00 AM PDT Sep 22, 2013 

 Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley and San Luis Obispo Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian are teaming up to change a controversial California law.

Under the current law, it's only rape if the rapist impersonates your spouse.
If the victim doesn't have a spouse but does have a significant other, it is not legally rape.

Dudley and Achadjian have been fighting to change the laws following a case in 2006.
A santa barbara woman was raped by fraud.
Since she was not married, the rapist was not charged.

Dudley and Achadjian spent the day in Sacramento urging lawmakers to close the loophole.

Dudley also testified hoping to change the laws that deals with violent sex offenders being released as transients.

Specifically, she's been fighting the release of Tibor Karzai, a convicted two time rapist who may be released into Santa Barbara County.