You can call it a Santa stimulus. Many shoppers are coming back to the stores several times to get more gifts and gift cards in the last hours of the shopping season. "Just finished up, just now," said Julie Donlon with her last bag in her hand. As for the big shopping crush, many in the stores throughout downtown Santa Barbara were glad they were not in a big city. "More relaxed, not nearly as much stress. People seem much more calm and having a good time and enjoying the social aspect of shopping," said shopper Gary Gray. Getting up and out early was also a benefit. "I decided to come early to see if I could beat the crowds and it's not bad so far," said shopper Shane Mahan. His son Davis was asked what Santa was up to, and he replied, "I think he's working on packing his presents in the sack!" KEY News Senior Reporter John Palminteri has our story.