Thirty-six housing units are posted for violations of health and safety codes, which may result in the displacement of student residents.

The San Luis Obispo City Fire Department received a complaint of a fire hazard at 1185 Foothill Rd at the Pine Creek condominiums.

A resident stated that “the clothes in her closet were getting hot.” Fire inspectors found that a loft originally approved for storage had been converted to a bedroom. The bedroom was accessed via a ship’s ladder and the clothes closet was actually a closet for the gas-fired water heater and forced air furnace, both of which were consuming air from the sleeping rooms, a significant safety hazard.

These conditions raise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, asphyxiation, or fire.  In addition no emergency escape/rescue windows were present in these rooms as is required under the building code. 

To date, all but four of the 36 suspected condominium units have been inspected, affecting approximately 40 individuals. The four remaining units are expected to be inspected soon.

Notices of violation was posted on 36 units. It is unknown how many students may be displaced at this time. The four remaining units are expected to be inspected soon.