Homeland Security officials released photos of the drugs and smuggling boat they discovered on a remote beach at Vandenberg Air Force Base on March 7.

The smugglers managed to avoid the U.S. Navy and the Coast Guard for hundreds of miles before they ditched their panga boat on the military base. The Mexican-style fishing boats are popular with smugglers because they are deep enough to carry a large load of drugs or people.

Homeland Security investigators confiscated the $2.7 million worth of drugs they found at Vandenberg. Authorities say it appears the smugglers tried to hide the bales of marijuana by covering them with brush in a ravine near the beach.

NewsChannel 3 has questioned how all of the smugglers managed to avoid capture after ditching the boat on a secured military facility.  So far, federal authorities have been unable to give us an answer.

The broken-down boat will be towed to a boat yard in Capistrano Beach and held as evidence.

Drug smugglers stash $2.7 million worth of drugs at VAFB

POSTED: 04:27 PM PDT Mar 12, 2013 
Homeland Security releases photos of drugs, panga boat
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Credit: ICE Homeland Security Investigations