Deckers Outdoor Corporation based in Goleta just won a 686-million dollar lawsuit against Chinese counterfeiters. Deckers is the parent company of Ugg Australia. The company won two cases against 3,007 Chinese-based websites selling counterfeit versions of the popular sheepskin UGG brand shoes. "We are aggressively fighting counterfeiting in the digital space and in the brick and mortar space," Deckers Corp. director of public relations Errin Cecil-Smith said. "The impact of counterfeit goes beyond getting a fake product from our brand or any other. There are health and safety issues, economic issues and there are labor issues." Deckers outdoor was also given control of the websites named in the lawsuit, which will now let buyers know that any previous UGG products purchased from the site were counterfeit. A Deckers spokesperson says, they don't expect to collect in full on the damages, but it is an important win against counterfeiters.