Once a small Central Coast surfing publication from Carpinteria, DEEP magazine has surfaced on the national level. Beginning this month, with a new look, DEEP is now on the racks in California, Oregon, Texas, Alabama, and the entire East Coast. The magazine staff says it doesn't just focus on the biggest names, and that's what keeps the local feel on every page. "It's nice that you can turn a page and see someone like Kelly Slater or Dane Reynolds or Bobby Martinez or on the girls front Lakey Peterson or Sage Erickson and then turn the page and see your neighbor," said DEEP Director Andres Nuno. The publication makes quite the splash with its photography both from professionals, and submitted photos from surfing fans along the coast. "The places, photographers get to get the footage that they get whether they get stills or motion is some of the best action photography there is out there," said DEEP Editor Chuck Graham. He says there's no shortage of good spots for surfers, writers, and photographers to come together in an area that's "honed by a lot of right hand point breaks. It's very beautiful." Those putting out the publication say they are pleased to showcase the local surfers to a larger audience. "It's their magazine and we just happen to be the ones putting it together," said Nuno. It's also a place to find the next rising star or young gun on a board. "They're gonna show up in a local magazine like this," said Graham. <a href="http://deepzine.com/site/" target="_blank">DEEP</a> is still free in California, and on the national racks it will be $4.95 a copy to see the surfers of the Central Coast. The reformatted publication is about 80 pages and comes out six times a year. The current edition has the Rincon Classic guide to one of the areas more popular surfing competitions taking place this month. KEY News Senior Reporter John Palminteri has the story.