Coastal Trident 2012 Exercise

A Regional Maritime Security Exercise wrapped up today.

POSTED: 05:00 AM PDT Jun 14, 2012    UPDATED: 07:40 PM PST Jan 16, 2013 

A Regional Maritime Security Exercise wrapped up today. The Navy, the Port of Hueneme, the US Coast Guard, law enforcement and first responders took part. The three day drill put response teams to the test. Organizers revealed a real time made-up scenario involving terrorists, drug cartels and gang members trying to smuggle chemical weapons into the U.S. Guest Speakers called the operation timely and relevant in the wake of recent drug busts. Just this week the Coast Guard and the National Guard intercepted marijuana smuggling boats near the Channel Islands Harbor and South of Mugu Rock. One boat was a cabin cruiser that some people referred to as a pot yacht, the other was a open vessel known as a panga. In both cases arrests were made and marijuana was confiscated, but the search continues for the criminals in charge.