Investigators are being tight lipped about an officer-involved shooting that left a Ventura motorcyclist dead on Saturday. They won't say whether he had a weapon. A wooden cross now marks the spot where Theodore Kenneth Keiper died. The message on the cross misspells Keiper's last name but talks about love and friendship. A California Highway Patrol Officer was trying to issue a speeding ticket when a pursuit began around two Saturday afternoon, heading South along Faria Beach. The 58-year-old crossed the highway onto Padre Juan Canyon Road and crashed in a dead end construction area. But the crash did not kill him. Ventura County's Medical Examiner says he died from multiple gunshot wounds. Two officers based in Ventura are now on administrative leave. The CHP says the Ventura County Sheriff's Department is leading the investigation. Keiper had prior speeding tickets and a DUI but he did not have any felony convictions. <a href="">Tracy Lehr</a> Share your comments about this story with us on the <a href="" target="_blank"> KEY News Facebook page.</a><a href="" target="_blank">Connect with KEY News on Twitter</a>