Santa Barbara is number three on a list of cities with traffic accidents involving bicyclists compared to similar sized cities, according to the Office of Traffic Safety. Today, police cracked down on all riders who were breaking the law, mainly in the downtown area. 59 citations were issued, according to Sgt. Mike McGrew. "Whether it's a reckless bicyclist on the street or sidewalk, or whether it's an injury traffic collision involving a bicyclist, we receive several of those a day," said Officer Ethan Ragsdale. "And even this morning we had a bicyclist and vehicle collide," Officer Jay Benson told a bike rider as he was writing her a ticket for going the wrong way on a one way street. That rider said she was on the sidewalk and, "I got pulled over. I don't know why I thought I was invincible," said Barbara Dentzel. She said her ride took her in and out of pedestrians, "and that's not very safe." One bike rider complained to the officer who cited him for riding through a mid block red light. He said he would have tried to out run the police if he was on his skateboard instead of his bike. What he may not have known, is that you can not ride a skateboard in the core downtown area on the street or on the sidewalk. You must carry it, or violate the local law. KEY News Senior Reporter John Palminteri has the story.