4th of July tourism helps small businesses in Pismo Beach

Hear from some stores along Dolliver St.

4th of July tourism helps small...

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Dolliver Street is one of the busiest blocks in downtown Pismo Beach during the summer, bringing people in these local businesses from all walks of life.

"We get to meet a lot of great people - people from not only places in California but from around the world," says Jason Natanson, owner of The Sky's the Limit.

And the commerce from visitors helps the stores and restaurants stay afloat. 

"It's pretty crazy, we've got lines throughout most of the day, we've got a very full crew. These holidays and the weekends during the summer are definitely our bread and butter," explains Alexis Parkhurst of Old West Cinnamon Rolls.

"We're really only busy for six to seven weeks out of the year so definitely some of the holidays in the summer like this one and then the car show - really help us out," says Alex Hinerman, employee of Moondoggies Beach Club.

Tourists like Christi Szy believe it's important to support small businesses while on vacation. "Well these are people are doing this to support their families, put their kids in school, to support their lives - so obviously I would rather support a family that has invested all of their time and effort and money into their business than a huge chain where they can put it anywhere and survive," she says. 

And even when the crowds die down, the benefits of the summer shoppers can still be felt.

"The summer tourism keeps us all going throughout the year," Natanson says. 

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