42Oh No: City of Santa Maria maintains strict regulations on cannabis use

New ordinance passed Tuesday night

42Oh No City of Santa Maria maintains...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Richard Smith was operating a cannabis delivery service in the city of Santa Maria.
That's now temporarily on hold as he has his sights set on building greener pastures in Lompoc.

"[We] really want to be able to offer the local growers an opportunity for a one stop shop to go to the seed to sale tracking system and get to market," Smith explained. 

On Tuesday night while Lompoc city leaders announced they will be allowing all sorts of cannabis businesses to begin budding, the city of Santa Maria maintained its stance on cannabis use by passing a new ordinance.

"It places certain restrictions on the marijuana distributors and growers that they can't do it within the city limits of Santa Maria. Currently it doesn't affect medical marijuana, only the recreational marijuana," City Council member Mike Cordero said. 

Cordero believes taking this action will help keep the community safe. "I'm sure something will be developed to help us enforce that and keep it out of the hands of young people, give them a chance to grow up and make their own decisions before they're inundated with something that could otherwise alter their growth and maturity," he explained. 

But Richard Smith disagrees; he believes the lack of recreational regulation will push people towards the black market.

"The regulations will keep it out of the hands of children. You know there's regulations on alcohol and children are still able to get access to alcohol, primarily teenagers when they start going through their party phase so children are gonna do what they want and it's the parents job to educate their kids and help them make better choices in life," Smith said. 

Now the ordinance passed by the council Tuesday night will be discussed and reviewed a couple of more times before it goes into effect here in Santa Maria. 

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