A close call for 26 people in the waters off Anacapa island.

They were on a fishing trip when their boat ran aground just before 12:30 a.m. Monday.  Crew members of the Sea Biscuit sent out a may day call to the Coast Guard.  Crew members told the Coast Guard their boat was taking on water and several people were hurt.

Members of the Coast Guard as well as the Oxnard Fire Department assisted in the rescue.

Oxnard Fire Department Battalion Chief Sergio Martinez, reported that three people were taken to the hospital.  Two were complaining of back and neck injuries, and the third a leg injury.

It took about two hours to get the boat towed back to the Channel Islands Harbor.

Investigators are trying to figure out why the boat ran a ground.

The Ventura County Fire Department and the Channel Islands Harbor Patrol also assisted during the incident.