One person is dead and another inured following a family shooting in Paso Robles.

23-year-old, John Danner, has been arrested for allegedly shooting a person dead in a Paso Robles home. It all began Friday morning when a different gun shot victim was taken to a local hospital. 

"Deputies responded to the hospital and through interviews determined that we had a shooting incident occur in the 700 block of Klau Mine Road, rural Paso Robles," said Commander Ron Hastie.

The home isn't surrounded by much. It’s neighbored by mostly ranches and vineyards.

The sheriff's said they don't know how long the individuals have lived there, but three of the four people at the home during the crime were residents and two of them were related.

"We've so far been able to determine that we have a victim inside the residence who succumbed to gun shot injuries," said Commander Hastie.

Law enforcement said they don't believe the shooting was gang related or had to do with drugs.

When deputies arrived this morning they found more than a victim. "We asked fish and game to come and assist because we have information that there are reptiles in the house, specifically some rattle snakes," said Commander Hastie.

The sheriff's office has not yet released the name of the victim.

The investigation will take some time. The Department of Justice has been called out from Goleta to use specialized equipment to photograph the scene on Saturday.