Mikayla Anderson was spotted by her father just 100 yards from the command post where more than 200 personnel were stationed, searching for her. When she was brought in, she was in good condition; but very dehydrated. She was taken to a nearby hospital.

The teenager  went missing Thursday after she was dropped off at her grandmother's home in Huasna Valley, east of Arroyo Grande.  She had gone horseback riding in the area, but when her horse was found unattended, search and rescue crews were alerted.

An extensive overnight search began with more than 200 personnel from four different counties: Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Ventura and Kern. They brought in K-9s, two helicopters, a plane, and even local ranchers lent a hand. They were searching through rough terrain, a lot of bushes where authorities say it would be easy to get lost in.

It's still unclear why Mikayla wandered off. She's being evaluated and questioned at the hospital.

NewsChannel 3 Reporter Shirin Rajaee reports. 

POSTED: 09:02 PM PST Feb 16, 2013    UPDATED: 09:08 PM PST Feb 16, 2013 

Search and rescue teams combed a rural area of Huasna Valley for the missing 12-year-old girl for nearly 24 hours.

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