The million-dollar lawsuit against Ty Warner is moving forward in Santa Barbara County court.

The billionaire owner of the Four Seasons Biltmore Resort will remain as a defendant in a lawsuit from a Montecito stylist to the stars.

Attorneys argued Warner should be removed from the case and only the corporation sued, but Judge Colleen Sterne disagreed.

"(Judge Sterne) said we can continue to go forward with this case and she's not going to dismiss Mr. Warner at this point," said Peter Bertling.

Bertling is Kevin Boyle's attorney. Boyle is the former salon owner at the Biltmore Resort. He is accusing Warner of muscling him out.

"He was there for 20 years, he'd love to be there right now," said Bertling.

The lawsuit claims Boyle was wrongfully evicted and that there was intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Warner is being represented by four attorneys. Two of them were in court Monday morning but neither would speak to NewsChannel 3 about this case. They did say they would comment in about a month or so.

Boyle believes the reason he was forced out was so a more well-known stylist could replace him.

"We think Jose Eber is there because they wanted to replace Mr. Boyle with someone like Jose Eber who had more celebrity status," said Bertling.

Eber has taken over and was even featured in ABC's latest "Bachelor" wedding that was filmed at the Biltmore last month.

"(Boyle) was actually very taken back by that. He was obviously disturbed. He's had many celebrity weddings before, including the Kim Kardashian wedding. Kevin was known for taking care of celebrities, he was sought out for that. It's obviously very disturbing to him," said Bertling.

The stylist wants damages of more than $1 million and it's likely a local jury will decide if he gets it.

"Unless the parties are going to become reasonable in their settlement offers, we would love to have a Santa Barbara jury decide this case," said Bertling.

Now that the case is moving forward, attorneys for both sides could be back in court in two months.