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Santa Barbara area CHP officer helps and feeds elderly man

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - As if we didn't need any more reasons to love our local California Highway Patrol officers comes another example of human kindness.

CHP Officer Youngblood heard a dispatcher broadcast of a possible drunk driver heading southbound on U.S. Highway 101. Eventually, Officer Youngblood spotted the car just north of the State Street off-ramp and stopped the vehicle. That's when things got interesting.

The driver of the car was not drunk -- he was elderly and he was lost.

Albert Behmer had recently moved from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. He fell in love with a particular sandwich from the Daily Grind in Santa Barbara, just a few miles away from his home. But in an attempt to reach the coffee/sandwich shop, Behmer had driven over 60 miles, eventually stopping at the Gaviota Rest Stop, according to CHP, who posted the story to their Facebook page.

After deciding Behmer was not in a condition to drive, Officer Youngblood made arrangements for the elderly driver to get home. End of story? Not quite.

The elderly man made it home safely but he hadn't eaten all day. So Officer Youngblood found out what the man's favorite sandwich was, went to the shop, bought Behmer that sandwich, and brought it to the man's home.

The May 13th incident demonstrated how Officer Youngblood went above and beyond to help this man out. This is what's right with our community.

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