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7-Eleven Clerk Made Heroic Rescue of Isla Vista Shooting Victim

Man helped injured woman to safety during shootout

7-Eleven Hero

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Jorge Anaya was behind the counter at this 7-Eleven store in Isla Vista Friday night when he heard what he thought was fireworks but he soon learned it was a hail of gunshots outside of his store.

"After that I tried to get as many people as I could inside, and I peaked out and that's when I saw an officer running outside," said Anaya.

He threw open the door and saw a victim on the sidewalk about 40 feet away on El Embarcadero Street.

Then he saw the victim he now knows as Megan,  by a street light, wounded down the block from the 7-Eleven front door.

Anaya heard more shots as he went to rescue the victim.  Nearby sheriff's deputies were in a violent running gun battle with a drive by shooting suspect.

For Anaya, his focus was on the wounded woman nearby.

"She was looking at her leg the whole time and asked me 'am I bleeding?'  I tried to not panic her.  I said just come with me to the store," said Anaya.  He had his arm around her and she was limping as she made it into the store where others quickly helped to apply pressure to the wound.

Store owner and manager Ranj Thiara helped many customers and those running in from the street to find shelter and safety. They also came up with an emergency exit plan if the shooter came into the store.

Megan's bike is still at the 7-Eleven, as she recovers at home, and Anaya is as humble a hero as you could find.

"In the moment you don't think about it  you think about the safety of others and yours  and in the moment I thought I got to get her to safety and I was glad it was not a more fatal injury,"said Anaya.  "I love being a student here, I love working here and being a part of this community.  What I did was just to help her out. I help out people.  I don't see myself as a hero."

Megan is out of the hospital on crutches and Anaya has seen her since the shooting to say "Hi" and to wish her well in her recovery.

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