USO brings 'Cars 3' star to Vandenberg Air Force Base

USO brings -Cars 3- star to...

Vandenberg AFB, Calif. - On Friday, Vandenberg Air Force Base hosted voice actor John Ratzenberger for the premiere of his new film, "Cars 3."

Ratzenberger toured the base as members of the Air Force showed him different facets of their day to day duties like training K9's and fighting fires.

The K-9's shown here are being trained for explosive and drug detection as well as patrol work. Their handlers say they like the opportunities to show off their skills. 

"It's really incredible - I think through K-9 you get a lot of unique opportunities that you don't as a regular security forces member," explains Jonathan Engle, K-9 handler for the U.S. Air Force. 

Those who live and work on base and their families have been invited to watch the new "Cars 3" movie after Ratzenberger's tour concludes.

Ratzenberger is known for his role on the TV show Cheers as well as voicing characters in Toy Story and Cars.


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