Why Highway 192 to Santa Barbara is not an option for drivers

Why Highway 192 to Santa Barbara is...

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - While U.S. Highway 101 was closed due to the mudslides, many motorists thought Highway 192 was an option to get to Santa Barbara.

Despite what your phone maps might say, it's not an option.

There is still no access to Santa Barbara coming from the South on Highway 192 despite what your maps might say.

Drivers who have tried to make the drive have noticed a few signs that read "danger ahead", "your maps lie," and "all road to Santa Barbara closed."

Nick Wigle, the owner of Super Bee Rescue, is the man behind the signs. He says he made them to warn drivers that there is no access to Santa Barbara this way. Instead, drivers are putting more trust into their phones. Google maps and Apple maps show no road closures and many folks are going off of that.

Highway 192 starting from Carpinteria to Santa Barbara is crystal clear until Arroyo Paredon Creek. That all ends on the corner of Foothill and Toro Canyon road. Military and CHP officers are having to turn people away which is causing traffic jams.

“Most of the traffic that I see are people that tried to go through the road closures anyways and then having to make U-turns," said Wigle. "All they are doing is getting in the way of the people that need to do work.”

Highway 192 is making progress. East Valley road looks nothing like it did the first day of the mudslides. The road is visible once again.

Caltrans says there is no word yet when the 192 will reopen to the public, but they did open Highway 101 on Jan. 21, which helped solve some road issues.

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