New 911 app created by Santa Barbara mom provides accurate location information

App can call or text dispatchers

New 911 app created by Santa Barbara mom

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - A new app known as "Call 911" launched in late June to help provide an accurate location to where an emergency is occurring.

The app allows users to prepare in advance for an emergency by setting up common addresses and other important information when calling 911.

The app is designed to call or even text dispatchers. Once the user calls 911 using the app, a pop-up notice immediately display information about your location including the address. This app is especially helpful for babysitter and kids who do not know or can forget addresses easily.

Download the app for iOS here.

The app was created by Santa Barbara resident Becky Handy Cantrell. She experienced a terrifying emergency with her then 7 year old son while she was at work. Her babysitter had called 911 after Becky's son was throwing up and turning blue. The problem is when you call 911 from your cell phone they may or may not know your exact location.

"When I got here the babysitter was hysterical," said Cantrell. "English is her second language so she was having a hard time communicating and she couldn't remember our address. She had been working for us for years, but she didn't know our address."

Luckily Becky lives just down the street from her job and was able to get her son to the closest hospital faster than an ambulance. After that terrifying experience Becky decided an app needed to be created to provide dispatchers with accurate emergency locations faster.


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