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Obama visits National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation


Obama plays soccer with Japanese robot

President Barack Obama has some new high-tech friends

Monitoring your every move

Courtesy Heapsylon, LLC

Personal sensors: Monitoring your every move

How did you sleep last night? OK, that's an easy question. But do you know your blood sugar, oxygen and hydration levels? Are you coming down with a cold? Does your body need more protein? Thanks to sensors that track our every move and send detailed health information to our devices, we know the answers to many of these questions.


Courtesy MicroCHIPS

No more pills: Just give it to me in a chip

Did you take your meds today? At the right time? All of them? Following your doctor's orders can be cumbersome, especially if you're supposed to take more than one pill a day. That's why scientists are working to develop microchips that can be preloaded with medications and implanted in our bodies, programmed to administer drugs at a given time, interval and/or dose.

Selfie in space

This selfie is out of this world

Have you seen this selfie yet? It's out of this world. ... Literally.

3-D plastic skull

University Medical Center Utrecht

Custom organs: Creating body parts from dust

The long metal table in the University of Michigan biomedical engineering lab is covered by a film of white dust. Scattered across the table are opaque-colored objects shaped like ears, noses, vertebrae, and jawbones -- all made from biological mater...

Surgery doctors generic

No-scar surgery: Less pain, shorter recovery

"We probably won't be doing surgery anymore," says Dr. Bradley Needleman, director of the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery at the Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center, when I ask him about the future of surgery. Come again?

Water Gen atmospheric generator

Courtesy of Water-Gen

This machine makes drinking water from thin air

Water. A vital nutrient, yet one that is inaccessible to many worldwide.



Net neutrality rules to create Internet 'fast lane'

Federal regulators plan to propose new rules Thursday that would allow Internet providers to create a "fast lane" for certain websites and services.

Twitter, tweet, social media

NYPD Twitter campaign backfires in a big way

It's hard to imagine how the campaign could have gone more wrong for New York police -- a social media push that backfired not only on them, but on their colleagues in other cities.

Video game controller

iStockPhoto / motoed

MLB takes a swing at the video game business

Major League Baseball is throwing gamers a curveball.

AT&T logo

Ferre Dollar/CNN

AT&T, Chernin set sights on streaming video

Is AT&T preparing a new challenger to Netflix and Hulu?



Facebook profit triples on mobile growth

Facebook has figured out mobile.

The social networking giant said Wednesday that mobile ads accounted for 59% of its advertising revenue in the first three months of the year, up from 30% a year prior.

That's good news for Facebook, because Web users ...

Environmental Headlines

B31 iceberg

Iceberg is twice the size of Atlanta

A massive iceberg with an area almost twice the size of Atlanta is moving into the…

Keystone XL pipeline

Obama pushes back Keystone decision

The Obama administration announced Friday that it is extending the comment period on…


Can Mr. Poo stop public defecation in India?

India has an unlikely new public health hero: a giant, anthropomorphic turd that…

Cliven Bundy

What made Nevada rancher fight the feds?

When the Bureau of Land Management retreated from a standoff with Cliven Bundy, a…

Beijing pollution

Asian air pollution linked to freak North American weather

A study finds that air pollution from Asia directly affects the storm pattern over…

Heat From California Sunset

U.N.: To slow warming, no 'business as usual'

Keeping global warming down to a level people can live with means cutting carbon…

Local Headlines

Campus Police Town Hall Meeting

UC Santa Barbara Student Safety is Discussed at Town Forum

UC Santa Barbara students who are also Isla Vista residents say recent crimes are…

Highway 101 Fatal Car Revealed

Triple Fatal Crash Involves Special Examination of Smashed Cars

A team of specially trained California Highway Patrol officers are doing a forensics…

The Port of Hueneme Plugs-in New Grid Based Shore Power Syst

The Port of Hueneme Plugs-in New Grid Based Shore Power System for Ships

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at The Port of Hueneme on Thursday to launch the…


Study Says Fracking Ban Ballot Initiative Bad for Jobs, Economy

A new energy industry-backed study says a ballot initiative that would ban future "…

Food Processing Facility in Santa Maria to Boost Strawberry

Santa Maria Food Processing Facility to Boost Top Cash Crop

A massive agricultural facility could be just the boost Santa Maria's economy needs…

Grover Beach Grand Theft

Grover Beach Grand Theft

Surveillance video shows man walk up to front door of home, and take two packages…

What's Right

TODAY: Avoid Identity Theft By Shredding Old Documents

Union Bank is partnering with NewsChannel 3 to sponsor a free shred day in Solvang…

Lost Wedding Ring Found After Two Years

An Ojai couple was reunited with a wedding ring that was lost at Ellwood Beach two…

Cota Sycamore Tree Dedicated To California Television Host

A ceremony honoring the legacy of popular television host Huell Howser was held…

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child abuse is a huge problem not just nationally but right here in Santa Barbara…

Charity Ride Across U.S. in Memory of John Dodge

Charity Ride Across U.S. to Honor Best Friend's Legacy

A tragedy inspires a Lompoc man to try something he's never done before: ride a…


Miles Needed to Make Kids Wishes Come True

If you want to make a different in the life of a child and have some extra frequent…

Irresistible Headlines

Moose loose in Canada

Moose loose in Canadian neighborhood

A moose was on the loose Thursday in the middle of a busy neighborhood.

Shakespeare on a plane

Shakes on a plane: Airline drama

Passengers on board an easyJet flight from Gatwick, England, to Verona, Italy, on…

Art and paintbrush

Artist finds painting at Goodwill worth thousands

A local artist purchased a $10 painting at a Goodwill store. After doing some…

Domesticated duck

Woman sues after alleged pet duck attack

A woman is suing her mother's neighbor after she claims she was attacked by her pet…

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald gets new style makeover

Ronald McDonald is updating himself with a new look and a new presence on social…

Postal worker sentenced for hiding mail

Postal worker jailed for hiding mail

Newman, Jerry Seinfeld's diabolical nemesis and United States postal worker, was…

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