Santa Maria softball league celebrates teammate's 90th birthday

Ruth Thornton has played with team since 1989

Santa Maria softball league...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Ruth Thornton makes the rosters and keeps score for Santa Maria's senior softball league, a role she's had since 1989.

"We were supposed to be out here for fun but they want to know what the score is and who won. So usually one of the members keeps track and if I make a mistake, they'll find it," Thornton says. 

Most players in this league are age 50 or older. "Age is all in the mind, right? I've seen people 10 years older than I that can hit a lot better than I can - of course I've seen some that are 10 years younger too that have lost their swing," says senior softball player Ed Alston. 

Age is just a number for Ruth as well, as she is celebrating her 90th birthday. "I don't feel the age bit - it's just a number. As long as I get up and go I'll be here," she says. 

Members of the Santa Maria community came out to celebrate Ruth's milestone birthday on Monday, but she doesn't plan on slowing down any time soon. "What can we say - I love sports," says Thornton. 

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