Santa Barbara Man in Walmart Competition

Santa Barbara man Hopes to win Walmart competition

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A clean, wet sponge and your vote could put a Santa Barbara man's invention in Walmart.

Last month, NewsChannel 3 brought you a story about Walmart's 'Get On The Shelf' competition.

It's a chance of a lifetime for entrepreneurs because the top winners will see their product on store shelves.

One of those in the running is Mike Moschitto, an engineer who created what he calls, the Spic and Sponge.

The dual layered gadget works as a sponge sanitizer.

Moschitto said he was inspired by the family's "smelly sponges" and a counter full of chicken juice.

And, at the time, he was between jobs and had lots of time on his hands. And poultry residue.

The gadget holds two sponges and leaves one soaking in a sanitizing liquid, such as water with bleach.

Moschitto thinks his sponge-washing device would be great for restaurants.

For a look at the Spic and Sponge, log onto and cast your vote.

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