Santa Barbara Bank of America Branch Re-Opens

Bank Closed for Days Due to Electrical Problems

Bank branch closed without explanation to customers


A Bank of America branch at Hope Avenue and upper State Street re-opened Thursday, days after it was closed by an electrical problem.

Customers continuously approached the branch but found the doors locked, with no signs indicating why the branch was closed.

A spokeswoman for the bank confirmed the problem was electrical in nature.

"The power has been fully restored to our North Santa Barbara financial center and we have reopened.  Again, we apologize for any inconvenience the unplanned disruption caused our customers," said Brittany Sheehan, a BofA regional media relations official.


One of the largest bank branches around is closed and customers are feeling left out in the cold. The Bank of America on upper State St. and Hope Ave. is closed and customers said it's been that way for days.

There are no signs on the locked doors and the ATMs  are not working and list ATMs to visit nearby.  Katherine Chapman-Wetzel said she is worried about hacking.

A worker at another bank blamed an electrical problem and referred questions to media relations.

Vidal Vega said, "I just wanted to get some money out and the ATM is not working and I noticed it is closed it's kind of weird all of sudden."

"They're not giving any real reason why. It's been three days. I think customer service is not good. They were like politicians, never a straight answer, said Chapman-Wetzel.

A media relations contact failed to return calls and emails in time for this report.

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